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What is a OONI Pizza Oven?


If you love the idea of cooking outdoor pizzas in the summer, you might be eyeing up the Ooni pizza ovens – but what are these all about?

Ooni pizza ovens are outdoor ovens designed for making amazing pizzas (and a few other foods). You can choose wood-fired, gas-fired, or multi-fuel, and they are designed to be portable so you can transport them if necessary. They are also small enough to go in even a tiny backyard, and they make incredible pizza.

Let’s find out a bit more about Ooni pizza ovens!

How Fast Can It Cook A Pizza?

Because they cook at such high temperatures, you can have a pizza ready in about 60 seconds once the oven is hot (which takes less than 15 minutes). That’s ideal if you are cooking for a party and you want everyone to be able to enjoy their food quickly.

These ovens reach a temperature of over 900 degrees F to ensure that you get a delightfully crispy, perfectly cooked pizza in no time. That’s far hotter than the hottest domestic oven, but that’s how you get great quality pizzas. No soggy bases or undercooked toppings when you use a proper pizza oven!

What Else Can You Cook?

Your oven’s also flexible, and you can make a variety of foods in it, so you don’t have to just serve up pizzas. You can easily roast some vegetables, meat, or fish in there – they will be done in no time. Party foods like kebabs will take on a delicious sear in that heat, and grilled meat should taste amazing too.

If you enjoy al fresco cooking, you’ll probably find that most of your favorite foods can be made outdoors with this kind of oven, and it’s an ideal way to enjoy time with your friends and neighbors. This kind of cooking tends to be a great social occasion that brings people together.

Do I Need Accessories?

You will find you need a few accessories, yes. The Ooni is great but you’ll need things like a paddle, the fuel, and a cover for the oven to keep it safe from the elements. You can buy these from Ooni. They do some bundles, or you can purchase them individually if you aren’t yet sure which pieces you want.

Remember to take this cost into account while purchasing the oven – because the accessories aren’t super cheap, even when you buy bundles.

Which Fuel Type Should I Choose?

You might be feeling unsure about which fuel to opt for, but the answer is that it depends on your situation. If you love the smokiness of wood-fired pizzas, you’re going to have a better experience with the wood-based Oonis, and many people feel that these bring out the true flavor and deliciousness of the pizza.

On the other hand, gas can be a lot more convenient, especially if you’re camping. You just need to hook up the gas bottle and fire it up, without needing to mess around or carry lots of fuel. Of course, if you run out of gas, you can’t just gather more from the local forest.

You might therefore decide that a multi-fuel is the best option for you. This is the most flexible choice and will allow you to make pizza no matter what fuel you have to hand. Many of the multi-fuel options are also super light, making them ideal for traveling.


An Ooni pizza oven is a great way to enjoy home cooking in your backyard and get takeaway pizzas without the expense. You will have full control over what goes into your food, which toppings you use, and exactly how your pizza is cooked!

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