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Why the Hellrazr YAMA should be your next charcoal grill purchase

Hellrazr's barbeque line is as gritty as it gets, especially when you're looking at the compact beast of a charcoal grill, the Hellrazr YAMA.

Now do not be fooled, this is a portable charcoal grill despite the heft on this slab of metal. And do not sleep on the Hellrazr YAMA's versatility. Hellrazr YAMA's five different grilling heights allows for extra grates - keep in mind 2 are already

included in the purchase of the charcoal grill.

Want to feed more charcoal to the grill without opening the cover? The side-door has you covered so you can keep the heat contained while in smoker mode. Not only that, but the YAMA has four ventilation windows so you can optimally manage/control your grilling experience.

Hellrazr is a Canadian-based company outdoor grilling and barbecue company from Quebec. Hellrazr manufactures premium outdoor cooking products and accessories.

At Hellrazr, we believe in the long term and in building a relationship with our customers based on respect and mutual trust. We are committed to providing you with a product that will comply in all respects with the promise we have made to you, whether in terms of price, quality or service. - Shawn Bevins, President

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