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BBQ Edmonton – Choosing the Right BBQ for Your Home

There are plenty of options when it comes to firing up a BBQ in your backyard or favorite outdoor area in Edmonton. Edmonton BBQ options vary greatly depending on your grill’s heat source, where you’re grilling, how much cooking space you need, and the design you’re looking for.

Choosing Your BBQ

Edmonton BBQ options can include charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues, electric barbecues, smokers, or wood pellet grills. Each type of grill is unique in its cooking method and best for certain types of barbecues and living arrangements.

Charcoal Barbecues in Edmonton

The classic charcoal barbecue allows you to sear hot and fast or slow and long. Because of the radiant heat, charcoal barbecues offer versatility when it comes to grilling, including the option of indirect grilling.

These grills tend to have smaller cooking areas and they are not as easy to regulate if you’re looking to hold a specific temperature for a long time. Some apartments, condos, or communities do not allow charcoal grills because of the smoke they produce. These are best used for backyards and open spaces.

For those looking for a compact charcoal grill with a fun design, look to the PK300 Franklin Special Edition grill.

If you need a larger surface size, check out the Everdure Hub II, which also offers a fast heat-up time.

Gas Barbecues in Edmonton

Gas barbecues provide direct and consistent heat, usually provided through 2-3 burners. They are fairly quick to set up and adaptable for mass-producing meats for larger groups.

Even though the heat production is quick, gas barbecues have lower radiant heat levels than charcoal barbecues, making heat retention a struggle when the lid is open.

The Saber Stainless Steel gas grill is available in 2-, 3-, and 4-burner styles. It uses 30% less gas than its competitors and provides a constant flow of heat.

Electric Barbecues in Edmonton

Electric barbecues are practical for urban areas and can offer small or large cooking surfaces. They can usually be used both indoors and outdoors since they don’t produce fumes or smoke.

The Everdure Furnace has ample surface area and is ready to cook in as little as 5 minutes.

Smokers in Edmonton

Smoker barbecues use smoke’s heat to cook your meals, which is perfect for a low and slow cooking strategy or recipe. These barbecues can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to cook your meats, and the fuel source you choose can heavily impact the final taste.

The Ledge grill model works as a wood pellet grill and smoker. It has a high-tech function with a GMG Smart Control that you can control from your couch. It even has a USB port to charge your devices while grilling.

For a more classic smoker, check out the Jack Daniel’s smoker grill.

Wood Pellet Grills in Edmonton

These grills use hardwood pellets to generate heat. These pellets come in different flavors which also impact your food’s taste. Similar to an outdoor oven, they are also best for low and slow recipes. Some wood pellet grills are also smokers.

The Daniel Boone Choice Grill provides a top pellet-grill with a decent surface area at a modest price. Adjust the smoke and temperatures from 150-500 degrees with their set-it-and-forget-it mode.

For a portable pellet grill, check out the Trek grill model. It includes a GMG Smart Control remote and is best for taking to tailgates, camping, or RV trips.

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