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Proud to partner with Hahn Beef!

We're extremely excited to announce our partnership with Hahn Beef.

Hahn Beef is succulently tender, naturally-raised Angus beef that isn't something you're likely to find in your local supermarket. If you want to know that your meat is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics and raised with care and kindness then look no further. Hahn Angus Beef is free to roam, raised on grass pasture and finished with barley grain to create beautifully marbled beef. Whether you're a dry aged steak lover or a low and slow brisket Pitmaster, Hahn Angus Beef has what you're looking for.

We have select cuts, including brisket available at BBQ To Go. If we don't have what you're looking for simply visit Bob at his farm Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM or place your order with Hahn Angus Beef and request to pick it up from our store.

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