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GMG TREK Prime is the perfect outdoor camping barbeque grill

The GMG TREK Prime is the "little guy" of the Green Mountain Grills catalog. However, that does not mean that the TREK is inferior to the LEDGE or PEAK. Do not be fooled, this little guy still packs a punch when it comes to grilling whether you are grilling hamburgers, steaks, pulled pork, or whatever your barbeque heart desires.

Due to its size, the GMG TREK can be the most versatile smoker to bring on your next camping trip. Now that does not mean the LEDGE or PEAK GMG grills are not versatile but you would probably have a hard time fitting a behemoth of a grill like the GMG PEAK into your vehicle alongside your other belongings.

If you are worried about temperatures for a compact grill like the TREK, this grill's temperatures can range from 150F to 550F with a 5F incremental increase. In addition, the TREK comes with a meat prob to allow accurate temperature readings.

A family using their GMG TREK Prime outdoors

Like the other models, the TREK comes with a Wi-Fi controller allowing the user to control their temperatures from the palm of their hands. So you can be out fishing and managing the temperatures of your brisket from your smartphone. The GMG app works for both iOS and Android platforms.

Furthermore, the GMG SMART control functionality allows its users to create a custom profiles for various grilling options. For example, if you are grilling brisket you can create a profile specifically used for grilling briskets. If you're doing hamburgers or steaks, you can make another profile for that.

So if you're interested in picking up a TREK PRIME for your next camping trip, check out our website or stop by our store BBQ To Go located on 4432 Roper Road!

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