A hearty soup that combines the nutty goodness of Northern Wild Rice, with a delicious blend of mushrooms an herbs. Easily lends itself to dairy substitutes and is still substantial enough to be serve as a main.



Serves 4. Ready in 16 mins.

Just add a couple of staple ingredients for a quick, fabulous soup. Most milk substitutes will work great on this one if you don't want to use cream or dairy.

Instructions on the back of the package.

Cooking video - Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup



Mushrooms including but not limited to shiitake, oyster, boletes, chanterelles, matsutake, potato flake, organic sprouted Canadian wild rice, wild mushroom powder, nutritional yeast, onion, sea salt, stinging nettle leaf, parsley, garlic, white pepper, thyme. Allergens: may contain sulfites, may have come into contact with tree nuts.


Champignons incluant shiitake, pleurotes, bolets, chanterelles, matsutake, pomme de terre en flocons, riz sauvage germé, poudre de champignons sauvages, levure alimentaire, oignon, sel de mer, orties sauvages, persil, ail, poivre blanc, thym.Allergènes: peut contenir des sulfites et peut avoir été en contact avec des noix.

Untamed Feast - Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup